SteelBytes is dedicated to programming. Mostly Techy Tools for Techies. Creating quality code is part science part art.

8/Feb/2014 - We are still alive :-) Have just released some Win64 bit editions
10/May/2010 - Comodo Firewall breaks virtually all SteelBytes software. This is a fault of Comodo, not SteelBytes.
19/Mar/2010 - Sorry about the down time, my telco is quoting 3 days before they'll send a tech to check the line which has just droped out
05/Jan/2010 - Switching from Kagi to Pay Pal ... fingers crossed :-)
29/May/2009 - If your AntiVirus says our software has a virus like 'Win32/Heur' or 'Trojan.Generic' then contact the AV vendor, not us. Heuristics in AVs often give False Positives
12/Mar/2009 - Started work limited on IPv6 support in PortTunnel
28/Feb/2009 - On going battles with web&mail server stability - hopefully fixed
13/Jan/2009 - Many SteelBytes programs had incompatibilties with Windows 7, this is fixed in current betas
1/Oct/2007 - Grisoft AVG Free is reporting many files from as being infected by "Obfustat". This is a False positive. You may verify this by trying an alternative AV
5/Dec/2006 - Changes scheduled for ADSL connection due on 7/Dec/06. Fingers crossed
3/Dec/2006 - Relocated server to different ISP. Should be Faster. Also has new IP address
6/Nov/2006 - Compatiblity problems with some recent DELL PCs: There is a compatibility problem between most SteelBytes software and EMBASSY Trust Suite by Wave Systems ( that is preinstalled on some DELL PCs. Currently the only known work around is to remove EMBASSY Trust Suite.

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