Q.1Are any other language versions availabe ?
A.1If you want a different language version, and are prepared to translate text for us, email us
Q.2How do I make PortTunnel/Filegateway/ConnectionMonitor "auto start" etc
A.2Just press the Start button, then close the window. It will still be running, and will auto start next you start windows (this is what is meant by a service)
Q.3I can't delete/uninstall PortTunnel/Filegateway/ConnectionMonitor
A.3Load the program, and press Stop. Then delete/uninstall
Q.4What language do we use to write these programs ?
A.4Visual C++ (with a few small bits of assembler in Gooey and exe32pack)
Q.5How do you make your programs so small ?
A.5We usually avoid using the C Runtime Library, and we also avoid MFC, ATL, etc, and we compress them with exe32pack

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